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October 2015
October 2015

<p>For the past year, the world’s corals have been getting increasingly pummeled by climate change. Now with El Niño kicking ocean heat into overdrive, much of the world’s oceans have turned deadly for the world’s corals.</p>
Meteorologist Domenica Davis explains the green glow that appeared in the eastern sky Thursday night.
Actor Sean Penn and World Bank president Jim Yong Kim discuss the need to fight climate change at a gathering of G20 finance ministers in the Peruvian capital, Lima.
Making good on a long-delayed threat that was reiterated last week by Gov. Chris Christie, New Jersey went to court Thursday to seize 87 publicly owned beach parcels to be used for a protective dune system that a South Jersey shore town and its residents bitterly oppose.The state attorney general's office and the Department of Environmental Protection acted less than a week after Christie called Margate "among the most selfish people in the state of New Jersey" for refusing to allow the dunes to be built.The town, just south of Atlantic City, says its wooden bulkheads are sufficient to protect against ocean...
Massive plumes of muddy, debris-filled water are pouring into the Atlantic.
Winter will kick off with mild weather in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic as an intensifying El Niño influences the weather pattern across the country.
Residents in parts of the United States and Europe were treated to an unexpected light show when the aurora borealis created a bright display of lights on Wednesday.
<p>The pungent stench of mildew greeted Asiah Lewis when she came home to her apartment, her footsteps making squishing sounds on the carpet as she picked through soggy clothes piled on a bed and a lifted a moldy shoe from the floor.</p>
Meterologist Ari Sarsalari shows the possible outcomes from El Nino into spring.
Beginning in the evening hours of Oct. 8 and continuing through Oct. 9, the peak of the Draconid meteor shower will become visible to eager stargazers.
Froth from polluted water is overtaking roads in Bangalore and filling the air with a noxious stench.
Localized drenching thunderstorms will develop across New Mexico and western Texas through the end of the week. According to AccuWeather Meteorologist...
Ecuador's restive Cotopaxi volcano has been spewing plumes of ash and gas far above its crater and volcanologists say its activity has been on the upswing.The country's Geophysics Institute says Cotopaxi shot out a plume more than a mile (2 kilometers) high on Wednesday, and an impressive new emission burst from the volcano on Thursday. And it says incandescent...
Twenty seven inches of rain over five days. More than 15 inches in just 10 hours. Those are just a couple of the unfathomable amounts of rain that fell in parts of South and North Carolina last weekend in the storm that killed at least 17 people and caused in the neighborhood of $1 billion in damage. Meteorologists called it a “thousand-year event”...
Temperatures will go from above average to below average and then back above average over the next few days in the Midwest.
<p> The changing of seasons is appreciated by animals as well as humans. Lets have a look at some pictures of animals enjoying the autumn season of 2015. </p>
<p>The unrelenting heavy rainfall that soaked the Carolinas in the past week amounted to roughly 11 trillion gallons — enough to end the drought in California.</p>
Meteorologist Bonnie Schneider discusses the possibility of more rain this weekend for the Carolinas.
Mud and rock engulfed Santa Catarina Pinula, burying alive families, killing at least 137 people and leaving hundreds unaccounted for.
<p>In lieu of direct impact from Hurricane Joaquin, what led to historic rainfall in the Carolinas this past weekend? According to AccuWeather Chief Meteorologist Elliot Abrams, "I have never seen rainfall this intense, in this large of an area and during this short of a period in absence of direct impact from a tropical storm or hurricane."</p>
Volcán de Colima experienced an eruption in the early hours of October 5. A huge plume of ash was sent thousands of meters into the air. According to local reports, the eruption posed no risk to local residents. The Mexican government department in charge of civil protection did, however, advise locals to follow recommendations if the ash spread. Credit: YouTube/webcamsdemexico
Catastrophic wildfires in the Western U.S. are often discussed in superlatives these days, with blazes burning land more violently and more frequently in recent years than at any point on record. Those changes are considered partly driven by global warming, and a new University of Wyoming study shows that even the smallest increase in average temperature — 0.5°C (0.9°F) — could bring a dramatic increase in wildfire activity at higher elevations. 
Kait Parker explains what a 1000 year flood isn't.
Relentless rains and floodwaters brought much of South Carolina to a standstill.
South Carolina has taken a hit after a weekend of catastrophic floods.
In the San Joaquin Valley, a legacy of shortsighted land-use planning has intensified the water crisis for poor residents.
Scientists are warning that intense wildfires in the northernmost areas of North America are changing the composition of the tundra ecosystem, degrading permafrost and contributing to a northward migration of trees, all of which have serious implications for the future of the climate. 
<p>Geologists think that the eastern slope of Fogo volcano crashed into the sea some 65,000 to 124,000 years ago, leaving a giant scar where a new volcano can be seen growing in this satellite image.</p>
Oct 04, 2015; 5:47 PM ET Storm chaser Brandon Sullivan captured this dramatic rescue in raging floodwaters in Columbia, South Carolina where record flooding is underway.
From churning hurricanes to threatening floodwaters to warm sunsets -- see spectacular weather photos from around the world.
About 20 percent of the United States is more susceptible to sinkholes than the rest of the country. 
If you're still not convinced that the fall season has arrived, then take a few moments and look around you. There are telltale signs that summer has made way for the fall season.
The long list of maladies attributed to El Niño continues to grow. In addition to affecting weather patterns around the world, the climate phenomenon also has a profound impact on ocean levels in the Pacific that can hurt coral reefs. 
Edward R. Murrow’s stunning account of riding a B-29 into Hurricane Edna in 1954
Meteorologist Bonnie Schneider describes the types of temperatures you might expect during the month of October.
Plans submitted by 140 nations to limit their greenhouse gases would go some way towards tackling climate change, but not enough to prevent the planet from warming by well over 2 degrees Celsius compared to pre-industrial times, experts say.
CNN's Jennifer Gray explains how each hurricane is named and the history behind the naming of hurricanes.
Charity says countries already facing a ‘major emergency’ include Ethiopia, where 4.5 million people need food aid because of scarcity of rain this year
Meteorologist Danielle Banks describes the strange weather occurring in parts of Alaska.
The desktop Tempescope mimics storms and lightning by flashing, dripping, and fogging.
<p>A look at just how dangerous lightning strikes can be and the trail of destruction they leave behind. Click through to look at pictures of devastation caused by nature's powerful bolts of energy.</p>
Some natural sights are so potent in their beauty they simply have to be captured for posterity. The skies over Cozumel Island, off the Mexican coast, were alight with such a scene recently. A spectacular rainbow appeared to span the length of the horizon, while the sun threatened to burst out from behind fluffy white clouds. Credit: YouTube/webcamsdemexico
Beautiful shades of autumn, a supermoon, devastation by typhoons, sandstorms, and urban haze — a look at some stunning weather images from across the globe in September. 
Things are going from bad to worse in the Arctic. Oceanographers say the strength of heat coming up from the ocean is causing the ice to melt. Matt Sampson has the story.
An unstable sunspot is causing solar flares on the sun, and a M-7 or medium-sized flare hit the earth's atmosphere on September 28th.
<p>A total lunar eclipse, coinciding with the supermoon, is being observed in the United States, Canada, and Central and South America and Western Europe on the evening of Sept. 27, and a partial eclipse in the rest of Europe, South-East Asia and Africa on Sept. 28. Click through to see the latest images of the supermoon around the world.</p>
A combination of climate-driven sea level rise and stronger tropical cyclones is putting New York City at risk for more and higher floods like those seen during Hurricane Sandy, a group of researchers has found. In a study published Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers compared sea level and storm surge heights from 850 to 1800, before significant human influences on the climate, to the period from 1970 to 2005.
Meteorologist Bonnie Schneider explains why urban areas face a larger flood threat versus rural areas.
The U.S. forest service has plotted where human development comes dangerously close to nature.
<p>The first "supermoon" total lunar eclipse in more than three decades did not disappoint, with the moon thrilling skywatchers around the world as it passed through Earth's shadow. </p>
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